The Bolton Fire Department is comprised of approximately forty men and women dedicated to serving the community. We enjoy full-time employment as local business owners, accountants, municipal employees, electrical and civil engineers, professional firefighters, EMTs and paramedics, students, homemakers, moms and dads. We serve more than 5,000 Bolton residents, visitors, and commuters, including those on Route 6, Route 44, and Interstate 384. We provide around-the-clock response to fire, medical, and environmental emergencies. Our mission is to minimize loss of life and property.

Each year the Bolton Fire Department responds to more than 550 fire and emergency medical service calls. We respond to mutual aid requests from Andover, Coventry, Columbia, Hebron, Manchester, Tolland and Vernon. Emergency response personnel are trained in various capacities including firefighting, basic medical life support, water rescue, vehicle extrication, fire investigation, hazardous material response, search and rescue, and more. Many members are cross-trained as firefighter and EMS personnel. Training is provided during weekly drills and through classes held at the Connecticut Fire Academies. Training is mandated by the state and is both rigorous and extensive.

The fire station, located at 168 Bolton Center Road, is home to an engine tank (ET134), one tanker truck (T234), one ladder truck equipped with a 100 foot ladder (TK134), one heavy rescue truck (Rescue 134), one light rescue/mobile command vehicle (Service 134), one pickup truck (Service 234), and two brushfire vehicles (Forestry 134 and UTV134). The engine tanks carry a combined 4,500 gallons of water and have pumps that are capable of discharging all water in four minutes. Unlike larger suburban towns, Bolton has no public water supply and therefore no fire hydrants. All water must be carried to the fire and every drop is precious.


When you call 911, you reach the emergency dispatch center in Tolland. The center handles all emergency calls for Tolland County. If you have a medical or fire emergency, the dispatcher alerts us on pagers each of us carry. They announce the type of emergency, street address, and time of day. We then head to the station and respond with the appropriate vehicles. For a medical emergency, the dispatcher will also send an ambulance from ASM (Ambulance Service of Manchester). If necessary, ASM will transport the patient to a hospital as the department does not have its own ambulance. If you have an emergency that requires the police, the dispatcher will connect you to the State Police barracks in Colchester.


The Bolton Fire Department is proud to serve you and protect your life and property.